Relay of Kindness


A church from Kansas City is setting out this weekend to deliver food, clothing and supplies to an immigrant shelter in Eagle Pass, Texas. But rather than just loading up one time and delivering directly to Eagle Pass, they decided to make it a relay so that others along the way have the opportunity to participate. Every 100 or so miles along the route, the supplies will be moved into another set of vehicles and driven another leg of the journey.

Mark Buhlig, who came up with the idea after visiting his friends who run Mission: Border Hope in Eagle Pass, says this in his blog:

"As the relay continues, we will be collecting more and more and at each stop participants will carry these gifts from one volunteer vehicle to another, a tangible way to ease the burden of those too far away to touch, help, or serve. This will be a physical form of prayer for those of us who don’t have words to pray.

"There are certainly more efficient ways to accomplish the delivery of supplies and money to our friends in Eagle Pass. But efficiency is not necessarily the goal. For this event we will be placing a higher value on relationship and participation. We will be placing a higher value on sharing the burden, sharing the cost."

The relay starts in Kansas City and then goes to Gladstone, Columbia, St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, Mountain View, Wappapello, Springfield, Joplin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Uvalde, Eagle Pass. Coincidentally, the distance from Guatemala City to Eagle Pass is 1,564 miles. The distance of the Relay of Kindness route is 1,542 miles.

Jay Pritchard