Maybe you heard about us on NPR, or maybe you learned about us from a friend. Either way, we’re glad you dropped in, and we hope you’ll become our partner in this good work.

Fellowship Southwest is a multicultural network of faith communities that improves lives and shares the love of God with people whom others often discount and overlook.

Here’s what that means …

A multicultural network of faith communities.” In other words, we are ecumenical. Although we were birthed out of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship—more on that later—we’re not exclusively Baptist. We want to break through denominational definitions and boundaries so we can do more work together instead of getting bogged down in churchy talk,  

“… that improves lives and shares the love of God with people often discounted and overlooked.” Our work focuses on racial justice and reconciliation, as well as meeting the needs of the people in our region through direct ministry and advocacy. For example, we spend a lot of time, energy and funds serving people on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Many of these folks face chronic poverty, hunger, poor schools and predatory lending, just to name a few challenges. So we partner with organizations that are doing excellent work to address immediate needs and to advocate about systemic issues like public education, fair lending practices and hunger-free community coalitions. These partners provide abundant opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference.

Fellowship Southwest shares God's love by meeting spiritual and physical needs-particularly among people others discount or overlook. We accomplish this goal by loving our neighbors, telling them about Jesus, and stimulating positive changes in their lives and their communities.

Fellowship Southwest launched from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's effort to strengthen ecumenical collaboration and to produce positive change in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. Fellowship Southwest provides avenues for people of faith to take action on issues affecting our communities. Our partnerships developed through our endeavors to expand the presence and vitality of our faith communities by generating vision, providing resources and offering valuable connections.

What else do we do?

Fellowship Southwest believes healthy churches contribute to fulfilled lives and to healthy communities. We would be delighted to help you find a church in our network that shares your values. If there isn’t one near you, we can even help you start one. 

What can you expect from us?

We send out one weekly email newsletter. The newsletter connects us to each other. It also describes best practices of churches and organizations that share our goals and mission. Often, the newsletter presents action opportunities, and we hope you consider joining in. 

What is CBF?

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship began in the early 1990s as a home for Baptists who believe “there’s a wideness in God’s mercy” and feel passionately about loving their neighbors, following Jesus and changing lives for the better. Through the years, CBF created a broad gathering place for people and churches across the theological spectrum who join resources to support ministries around the world. 

CBF is our parent organization. CBF is based in Decatur, Georgia, and supports a wide network of churches across the nation—except for the Southwest. CBF churches in the Southwest are spread widely. So CBF launched Fellowship Southwest in 2017 to network within and beyond the Baptist circle to better meet the needs of the vast region we call home.

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And if you want to know more about Fellowship Southwest, explore our website or write me at, and I’ll follow up with you. 

We hope you will join us.