Ministry at the bus station

by Marjorie Brake

A short time ago, Joe and I attended a meeting at Covenant Baptist Church for the purpose of learning about sanctuary for immigrants.  Our church, Trinity Baptist Church, is considering instituting a program for Immigration Services And Aid Center (ISAAC) housed on our campus. ISSAC is still in the planning stages and is something that would not be hands-on for us.


At Covenant Baptist we met with other pastors and lay leaders who are concerned about IMMEDIATE needs for the people about whom we have been reading in the news.


Several speakers told of their recent experiences (or their church's experiences) with people in need, and our hearts were touched. So we signed up to help.


As a result of that, Tuesday evening we got a text saying there was a father and his daughter at the bus station who needed a place to stay overnight and then be able to be at the bus station at 5 a.m. the following morning.  We responded that we would be pleased to help.  


As a practical matter, I rushed around getting chicken from the freezer, clearing the table and setting it for four, while Joe changed the sheets on the beds upstairs and checked for soap, shampoo and TP upstairs.


A few minutes later we were on the way downtown to the bus station.  A young father and his darling daughter were there in the crowd.  While Joe waited in the car outside, I went in, saw them and approached them.  Calling them by name (thanks to the Interfaith Coalition who sets this up) I invited them to come with me.  We went home, while Joe showed them the ropes upstairs I was able to get a decent dinner together and we had a lovely dinner together.


When in seventh grade at Mark Twain Junior School, I had a year of Spanish.  At Jefferson High, I had two years. At UT/Austin, I had another year.  Have lived on that!  Let me just sat that God our Savior, who cares about these precious children of His who are in need, gave me the ability to speak with this dear family who have no English.


We were up at 3:30 the following morning to take them to the bus station after a substantial breakfast.  We pray with all of our hearts that God is continuing His loving protection over them.


I am sharing this with permission from a representative of the coalition and the encouragement of our sons, who think this might encourage others to want to be personally involved.


Please understand that there is nothing illegal about any of this.  These folk came to the border, sought asylum, have been processed after being detained, were then released with a gps ankle shackel and were released to join family until further action.  They then were on the way to family.


I believe in the power of God released through the prayers of His people...


I believe in the value of conversation about what we can do...


I believe that God values our relationship with Him...


But I love putting feet to my faith!  And happily, so does Joe!


Jay Pritchard