Ortizes continue to serve refugees in Laredo


About this time last month, we told you about Lorenzo and Oralia Ortiz, who have maintained their ministry to asylum seekers in Laredo, Texas, despite intense pressure. When a nearby church decided it no longer would provide shelter to the immigrants, the Ortizes opened their own home.

If you have contributed to Fellowship Southwest’s Immigrant Relief Ministry, then some of your money has gone to help the Ortizes provide food and shelter—and the gospel—to people Jesus referred to as “the least.” 

This week, the Ortizes sent a couple of brief videos and a pair of photos to Jorge Zapata, associate coordinator of CBF Texas and director of our Immigrant Relief Ministry. We thought you would like to see the latest from Lorenzo and Oralia.

We hope these clips and images will remind you to pray for them and for their sacrificial ministry of Christian love.

Jay Pritchard