You can join BJC’s Christians Against Christian Nationalism endeavor

by Marv Knox


I’m a Christian against Christian Nationalism. Are you?

I oppose Christian Nationalism because I’m devoted to Jesus Christ and loyal to the United States of America. Christian Nationalism stresses the only good Americans are Christians and the only real Christians are Americans. By perversely linking faith to nation, making them co-dependent, Christian Nationalism undermines and diminishes both Christianity and patriotism.

For example, God’s grace knows no nationality; Jesus’ love is not bound by borders. Fervent and faithful Christians live and serve in countries all over the globe. Christian Nationalism insists otherwise, and that’s an affront to God’s love and grace and providential care. It’s idolatrous.

Likewise, our founders set the United States on a bedrock of religious liberty—not just for Christians, but for people of all faiths and no faiths. Baptist leaders Roger Williams in the 17th century and John Leland in the 18th paved the way for the United States’ basic principles of religious freedom for all. Christian Nationalism undermines our nation’s earliest and most enduring principles. By denying our foundational core, it’s anti-patriotic.

So, because I love both Jesus and America, I’m tired of Christian Nationalism distorting and diminishing my faith and my nation. Won’t you join me? Let’s be Christians against Christian Nationalism.

You can do this by participating in the Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign, sponsored by our partners at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

For more information, go to The site features a short statement that repudiates Christian Nationalism. If you agree, you’re invited to sign the statement. Here’s an excellent overview by BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler. 

Christian Nationalism imperils the free exercise of faith, which stalwart Christian Americans have defended from the beginning. If this perverse interpretation of both faith and politics prevails, it will undermine the cause of Christ and American democracy. But if we stand together as Christians Against Christian Nationalism, we can secure historic Christian and democratic principles.

Jay Pritchard